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Zach Jackson

     Zach Jackson, a Chicago-based DJ, has a lifelong passion for music. His journey began in elementary school when he learned to play the clarinet and piano while also singing in the school choir. He quickly gained a reputation as the guy with a Walkman, always eager to share music.

     During his high school years, Zach's love for singing led him to become the president of his school choir, where he started writing his own songs. Afterward, he pursued a BA in Music at St. Olaf College, touring the country with the University Choir and performing in local rock bands.

     After college, Zach continued to immerse himself in music, freelancing as a singer and sharing his knowledge by teaching voice and piano to elementary students. Eventually, he found his calling as a DJ in Chicago. His diverse taste in music, spanning hip-hop, soul, EDM, and more, makes him a sought-after DJ with Bash Beats, where he keeps the party alive with his rhythmic selections.

In a nutshell, Zach's life revolves around music, and his journey has brought him to Chicago, where he shines as a DJ, uniting people on the dance floor with his vibrant mix of musical styles.

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