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Funky Soul MixBash Beats
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Top 40 Mix 2018Bash Beats
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Rythm and CocktailsBash Beats
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Dancy MixBash Beats
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Classic Rock MixBash Beats
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Bash Beats

     It's no surprise that the Bash Beats founder Eric Smith (Bash Beats) continues to forge his path with music. He taught himself guitar and piano by nine years old, then went on to pick up alto saxophone all before receiving any formal musical training at Missouri State University years later.

     During his college years, Eric began writing and performing live music, expanding his musical horizons, and developing his unique approach to DJing. He has performed at events, festivals, and venues from Chicago to St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver, Columbus, Philadelphia, New York City, and beyond. Using this lifetime of experiences and broad knowledge of all things music, he creates dynamic soundscapes and unforgettable live experiences.  

     "Music provides the soundtrack to our lives. It has the power to connect us and breathe life into any gathering. I truly enjoy talking with my clients and finding out who they are and what moves them. My job is to provide music, but helping people make memories is my motivation."

   - Eric Smith

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