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    Trevor Hougardy, (DJ Trev_H), started his musical journey at the age of 10 playing tenor saxophone. Soon after, he picked up guitar and continued to learn new instruments and genres of music. Trevor graduated college with a music composition degree and continued his musical education in audio engineering.

     Armed with a vast knowledge of producing, recording and composing music, Trevor  continued his journey performing with multiple bands and musical projects. His diverse experiences have allowed him to play all over the country, curating sounds and playing for a wide range of audiences. From performing alternative rock to rocking with cover bands, jazz ensembles and acoustic cocktail parties, Trevor is equally comfortable packing dance floors or setting the vibe at private events. 

     Since moving from Chicago to Denver in 2016, Trevor continues to write and produce music for diverse clientele. He specializes in curating one of a kind DJ and acoustic guitar sets, creating a customized vibe every time.  

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