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Chicago area wedding, club and event DJ Bash beats performing at House of Blues in Chicago Illinois.

Bash Beats

     Eric Smith, Bash Beats founder, has evolved from a curious kid, to an artistic student to a full time DJ and business owner. His early self-taught mastery of multiple instruments, including the guitar, piano, and alto saxophone, showcases his innate musical talent and passion from a young age. These skills laid the foundation for his later musical endeavors.

     Attending Missouri State University, Eric continued to refine his musical abilities while also broadening his horizons as a writer and live performer. This period allowed him to experiment with different genres and techniques, contributing to the development of his distinctive DJing style. His performances, spanning across various cities and events, highlight his versatility and capacity to connect with audiences through dynamic and memorable musical experiences.

     Eric's philosophy regarding the power of music resonates strongly. He recognizes music as a universal language capable of fostering connections and enhancing the atmosphere of any gathering. By engaging with his clients and understanding their preferences, he not only provides music but also contributes to creating lasting memories for them. This dedication to creating meaningful experiences speaks to his genuine passion for his work.

Eric Smith's journey from self-taught musician to accomplished DJ and music creator exemplifies the impact of unwavering dedication, diverse musical influences, and a deep understanding of the emotional impact of music. His ability to craft captivating soundscapes reflects his extensive knowledge of music and his commitment to delivering exceptional live performances.

Funky Soul MixBash Beats
00:00 / 08:58
Top 40 Mix 2018Bash Beats
00:00 / 09:13
Rythm and CocktailsBash Beats
00:00 / 17:34
Dancy MixBash Beats
00:00 / 20:11
Classic Rock MixBash Beats
00:00 / 11:33
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