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Chicago area wedding, club and event DJ Bash beats performing at House of Blues in Chicago Illinois.

Bash Beats

    Eric Smith, founder of Bash Beats, has gone from a curious music lover to a powerhouse DJ and entrepreneur, lighting up venues with his infectious energy and killer mixes. With a knack for picking up instruments like guitar, piano, and alto saxophone from a young age, Eric's musical journey has always been fueled by pure passion.

    During his time at Missouri State University, Eric didn't just study music – he lived and breathed it. From jam sessions with friends to late-night gigs at local joints, he soaked up every aspect of the music scene, refining his skills and developing his signature sound along the way.

    For Eric, music isn't just about the beats – it's about the connection it creates. Whether he's spinning tracks at a packed club or setting the mood at a private event, he knows how to read the crowd and keep the party going all night long.

    From small-town bars to big-city festivals, Eric Smith's journey from music enthusiast to sought-after DJ is a testament to his talent and dedication, and love for bringing people together through music. With every set he plays, he's not just playing songs – he's creating unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting impression on everyone who hears them.

Funky Soul MixBash Beats
00:00 / 08:58
Top 40 Mix 2018Bash Beats
00:00 / 09:13
Rythm and CocktailsBash Beats
00:00 / 17:34
Dancy MixBash Beats
00:00 / 20:11
Classic Rock MixBash Beats
00:00 / 11:33
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