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Brad Berry

     Hailing from Coal City, IL, Brad Berry isn't your typical DJ and MC – he's a sonic sorcerer and a crowd charmer. Infatuated with music from a young age, he dabbled in band, choir, and theater, but it was his uncle's mesmerizing DJ and MC skills that truly captivated him. Those electric moments set Brad on a mission – to craft his own style that blends heart-pounding mixes with magnetic microphone prowess.

     Brad's events aren't just parties; they're memories in the making. Each gathering becomes an arena where he orchestrates unforgettable experiences. With an attitude that treats every occasion like the Super Bowl, Brad ensures his clients and their guests become part of the show. His stage presence isn't just about playing tracks; it's about curating emotions and connections.

     From Coal City's local scene to becoming a nationwide sensation, Brad Berry's journey is a testament to his dedication to perfecting the craft of turning music into memories. When he drops the beat and takes the mic, you're not just hearing music – you're living it. Get ready to be moved, because Brad Berry is in the house, and the party has just begun.

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