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David Smith

     David A. Smith (A.R.S.) got his start DJing at bars and clubs in Brooklyn, New York over a decade ago. In 2018, he relocated to Chicago and got going immediately, getting booked as a resident DJ at Royal Palms and Spin, while also DJing weddings and private events. He cut his teeth on vinyl, crate digging and mixing by ear, giving him a deep understanding of rhythm, song structure, transitions and most importantly reading the room. All of this experience has resulted in a keen ear for music and for listening to clients. His style is open format, playing whatever genres/vibes the room wants or needs. If an event demands Four on the Floor or Hip Hop all night, he is more than happy to accommodate. His knowledge of music and experience with dance floors proved invaluable when working with promoters, wedding planners, event planners and couples. Hip Hop, House, EDM, Rock, Reggae, Dance Hall, Pop, Punk, Psych, and much more are in his wheelhouse.

     David believes it is his job as a DJ to pay close attention to the tastes, genres, and overall vibes his clients are going for, all while bringing his experience into the conversation, so together can they make the event his clients envision a reality.   

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