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David Smith

      David A. Smith (A.R.S.). Began his DJ journey over a decade ago amidst the vibrant streets of Brooklyn, New York, he swiftly became a presence in the city's nightlife. In 2018, he answered Chicago's call, immersing himself in the city's dynamic scene.

      David's roots are etched in the vinyl grooves and the art of crate digging, a skill that has granted him an innate grasp of rhythm, song architecture, and the alchemy of seamless transitions. The heart of his craft, however, rests in the ability to read a room, curating electrifying soundscapes that resonate with the energy of the moment.

     His prowess led him to secure residencies at venues like Royal Palms and Spin, while simultaneously igniting dance floors at weddings and exclusive private events. David's encyclopedic knowledge of music has cemented him as a go-to collaborator for promoters, wedding planners, event organizers, and couples. His multifaceted expertise spans Hip Hop, EDM, Rock, Reggae, Dancehall, and an expansive range that knows no bounds. With a profound understanding of his clients' tastes and an innate sense of musical evolution, David forges unforgettable experiences, where the rhythms align seamlessly with dreams.

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