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I've had such a proud dad weekend. I got to take my family to #Lollapalooza where my two kiddos got their first taste of music festivals. What better place than Lolla?! Aside from feet hurting at the end of the day there were no problems. I'd say they fit right in! It made me feel good to see them lose themselves in music. My daughter Aubrey finally got to see Bruno Mars live and was starstruck . (She sleeps to his music literally and every night). GT got his introduction to the insanity that is an EDM show. My wife Jordan got to see and hear Børns up close and I got to see everyone happy. Nothing is better than that.

I love all kinds of music because it really does bring all kinds of people together as it did my family this weekend. It can be the perfect distraction or the perfect soundtrack. I can't wait for the next show! Cheers!_Eric

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