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Music On a Mission

I love music, but even more so I love my family. My kids are 11 and 8 years old growing every day, and my wife, Jordan, is absolutely brilliant. She's turned a passion for plants and nature into 2 jobs and a small business. She works very hard as a landscape designer / horticulturalist and it's obvious to anyone that talks to her that she loves what she does. Aside from running her own small business ( she also works with some other Chicago area companies, one of which inspired me to make some changes to Bash Beats.

During a recent trip to Milwaukee I heard about one of the companies she works with called Flowers for Dreams, donating profits to a Milwaukee area company called Tru Skool whose mission is "To engage, educate and empower youth and communities through the creative arts and hip hop culture." This made me think, "What good does Bash Beats do for people and music?" Flowers For Dreams is built on the concept of giving, why not my company?

Going forward, the motto for Bash Beats is "Music on a Mission". The arts need help. The arts need to be made priority again. Schools need resources for their programs to help the next generation of musicians / entrepreneurs realize their goals and reach their full potential.

With that in mind, every wedding, corporate event, party, club date etc that is booked with Bash Beats will donate 10% of its proceeds to a Chicago area youth arts program which will be announced monthly here on . I look forward to forming new partnerships in Chicago and to doing my part to contributing much needed hope and creativity to our community.

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