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Thank You!

It seems like just yesterday I was sitting in a small bedroom in my garden unit apartment on the north side of Chicago unemployed and looking for a job, trying to figure out a way to quit work and make music. Everyone has to make a living, but I know there's something special about working every day on something you truly love. For me that thing is and always has been music. My mother told me a that when I was a baby, all she had to do was turn on a radio to make me stop crying. I would be so curious where the sound was coming from and what exactly it was, I'd forget what was wrong in the first place. Maybe I was hungry, or lonely, or bored but who cared?! She put that Stevie Wonder, or The Police, Luther Vandross or whatever was on back then and I had to listen. I'm still that same kid! If I hop in a car, before I even put my seat belt on I adjust the EQ on the sound system so the music sounds just right. My friends always text and ask me to make playlists for them, or what music I'm listening to. Everyone that knows me, knows that I love music. So why not take what I love, and share it with other people? With that thought in mind, Bash Beats was born in that north side garden unit apartment.

A few years, many gigs and customers later, I am writing my first blog. Since I'm a few years late, I'd like to start off my blogging adventure saying thank you to all of the amazing people that have helped me earn a living doing what I love...SHARING MUSIC! Thank you for your reviews and recommendations. Thank you for inviting me into your homes, businesses and clubs and for allowing me to be a part of some of your most memorable and personal celebrations. This blog will serve as a diary of my experiences, insights, challenges and observations. It will be random sometimes, (because that's just me) but it will always one way or another come back to the music. Read, comment and enjoy! _ Cheers #QuitWorkMakeMusic

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