Stafford Hipp


     Since the young age of 14, Stafford Hipp has spent his late-night hours blending music and experimenting with sounds. In his sophomore year of high school, he founded his own DJ business focused on creating a fun environment for his classmates and their families to celebrate graduations. He kept the company running through high school until pivoting to schoolwork and DJ'ing parties at the University of Missouri. Stafford soon transferred to Columbia College Chicago to study audio and music business. In his first year living in Chicago, he DJ’d and emceed a weekly open mic night in the South Loop where he entertained and welcomed diverse crowds and refined his musical craft. Stafford has since performed at many Chicagoland venues, including opening for rapper Curren$y at The Metro. In spite of the recent COVID1-19 pandemic, Stafford showed his creative side and ability to bring people together by organizing, curating, and DJ'ing a weekly online dance party series called "Shake It in Place" raising money for charity and keeping people safe and dancing.

     Stafford Hipp’s passion is exploring fresh, new sounds. Mixing styles from jazz, to hip hop, rock, and top 40, he brings fresh energy to timeless classics and introduces audiences to new remixes and edits. 

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