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Raphael Olivier

     Raphael Olivier's style is a harmonious tapestry woven from threads of classical elegance and electronic innovation. With a familial backdrop of musicians, he fell under the spell of the cello at an astonishing age – 3. By 8, he graced renowned European stages, performing alongside classical ensembles in Italy, England, and France.

     In 2012, Raphael ventured to the United States, where his musical odyssey took another turn. He seamlessly merged his talents with diverse bands while studying at the Lycée Français de Chicago. The stages he conquered, including the Chicago Symphony Center and Lincoln Hall, attest to his captivating presence.

     However, Raphael's story was destined to evolve further. Enrolling at the Paris National Superior Conservatory in 2018, he dived into jazz and film scoring. This phase marked the birth of his solo electro project, AVBE, accumulating an impressive 3 million streams independently.

     Paris nightlife embraced Raphael's sonic prowess, with his DJ sets resonating in clubs and art galleries. The mythical Studios Davout witnessed his creativity. A two-year European tour, gracing iconic venues like Paris Philharmonic and Brussels Botanique, solidified his status.

     Returning to Chicago in 2020, Raphael's journey came full circle. Collaborations with luminaries like Jean Michel Jarre and compositions for TV and film underscored his versatility. A true maven of sound, he enchants audiences as both an independent artist and a dynamic DJ, transcending boundaries with his genre-defying sets.

voyage inspires us to embrace music's limitless power – a force that connects us all, regardless of time or place.

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